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Have you noticed? Marketing just doesn’t work anymore. Customers are fed up of having cr@p messages thrust down their throats, so they are zoning us out. They are not listening. We are losing their trust and their permission to talk to them.


But what if we could get customers to choose to receive our messages? Make them so useful, so valuable, that they positively want them? What if intelligent brands could continue to be helpful even after customers have bought from us, so that they come back for more?


You, the content marketing-savvy brand could be that the hero, you could do it differently. You could be the most sought after source of information that customers want, and need, to make better decisions.


Your content will have to be so useful to customers because it was relevant, compelling and timely to their needs. To do this we need to make sure it is findable, shareable and optimised so that it appears exactly where and when people find it most compelling. We'll also need to overcome the naysayers who measure marketing success by the volume of outbound messages and the digital moonies who think everything must be entirely on-line these days.


But the really big challenge will be getting the rest of our business colleagues to stop demanding that we interrupt customers with outbound, one-way messaging and begin to treat  prospects and customers like human beings. Content marketing is not a campaign and it is not a direct substituting for those failing interruptive techniques. 


If we can achieve this content marketing success then customers and prospects will willingly accept and seek out our content. They will see our brands as being authoritative and trustworthy because we give them what they want and need, not what we think they want to hear.


If this sounds good to you and you'd like to hear more about our approach to content marketing and branding then contact us here.




Content Marketing junky and all round brand evangelist, sadly this is a face made for radio. Those aren't laughter lines - that's rage. Rage caused by the rubbish content that is spewed out every day by brands that should know better. Come on people! Let's do this right!




Specialists in all of the key skills needed to delivering epic content marketing. Located around the globe they are too many to name individually but each is unique in their own right. I can 100% guarantee they are all as hot as the ones in this picture. Honestly. (Maybe)

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