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Content Marketing

Are you making the mistake of thinking, 'Phew, we already do content'? Since it has been estimated that around 70% of content produced is never used just 'doing content' and 'content marketing' are not the same thing at all.


How do we ‘do’ content marketing?  We fundamentally believe in having a robust process underpinning all of our efforts so that each client engagement can draw upon  our learnings from every previous one. A robust process should improve with every application of it, continually improving. But to do that your processes must be well defined, rigorous, but flexible and responsive. We call it the Content Marketing Engine. Accept no substitutes! This is the original, authentic Content Marketing Engine, built on rigorous academic and business research. It is a three stage, twelve step process which is designed to meet the needs of your brand and your prospective and existing customers.


Want to know more about our Content Marketing Engine approach? Then contact us here.



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