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Yes, we're talking about you! Ever thought about modelling?  There's no point looking around the room to see who we're talking about. It's YOU! You’re a savvy content marketer. Oh, yes you are! That’s probably why you’re here. The fact that you are here reading this puts you in the top 1% of content marketers worldwide (Source: You KNOW the power and effectiveness of content marketing. You’re tired of the breath-taking inefficiency of purely interruptive marketing techniques. You’re on a mission to prove that marketing works and delivers real, tangible business to your brands. We hear you content marketing brothers and sisters, we hear you!


We won’t be the agency for ‘everybody’.  Seriously, we just won’t be everybody’s people’s cup of tea. And that’s just fine. We want to work with clients that get it, recognise that a holistic content marketing is really the only viable approach to customer engagement. If your idea of a hot date is : Joe Pulizzi, some customer personas and a sizzling hot editorial calendar (and hey, who wouldn’t want an evening like that???!)  then we have something in common. If your idea of an agency is one that doesn’t challenge, doesn’t want to get under the skin of the real challenges, won’t stand up for what it believes in,  then please, move along, there's nothing to see here.



New clients

As we’re not a traditional agency we don’t adhere to all the traditional agency rules. Not least of which is the fact that we really object to pitching. We completely recognise that pitching is the way clients have selected agency for decades. But, people, it's no longer relevant - like VHS, Blackberry,  X-Factor. We believe that it is the worst way to select a professional, service provider. When was the last time you saw lawyers 'pitching' for work? Nobody says "Hey, you Lawyers, come over here and do some sexy lawyering for me, and the lawyering I like the look of the best gets my business", would they? 



So how do we engage new clients?

Like any relationship we look for brands that we can respect and be interested in. We will do this by meeting and talking with you, investigating your challenges, and opportunities - asking a few intelligent questions along the way. Then we will propose a way forward. We will explain our Content Marketing Engine method, the implications for you and what the expected outcomes should be. If this sounds like the kind of relationship you need then contact us here.


If you don't like the sound of that, we definitely shouldn't talk. To NOT talk about content marketing go here.


*Disclaimer: Content Marketing results may vary. You may not look this good.
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