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Training & Coaching

Helping employees acquire necessary knowledge, skills, and expertise is essential for any organisation. We believe that marketers need to be continually enhancing their skill sets and we are here to help them do that.


We deliver marketing training across a range of marketing specialisations including:

  • Content marketing

  • Brand building

  • Marketing strategy and planning

  • Measurement and ROI

  • Challenger Branding

  • Creative briefing skills

Training can be delivered on-site or off-site in groups or to individuals and can be easily adapted to your brand's specific needs.


Individual coaching is an effective approach to organise, create, capture, and distribute knowledge of specific marketing skills. It supports shorter and longer-term situational as well as topical learning between individuals and groups. It also reduces the time required for knowledge transfer by providing direct access to experts and peers who can share the required knowledge and skills in an environment that promotes rapid learning.


Mentoring takes professional development on a stage further  and encourages marketing professionals to address their wider professional responsibilities and impact. Our mentoring service has helped marketing professionals at all levels of management from young executives through just starting out though to marketing leaders


If you'd like to know more about our marketing training, coaching and mentoring services contact us now.



"His advice was always unbiased and on the mark, providing me with alternative perspectives and outcomes to consider."

Group Marketing Controller, Retail

"Geraint has boosted my confidence and helped raise the credibility of marketing in the business"

Head of Marketing, Technology

"I find an hour spent talking through challenges and situations with him, greatly helps me refocus and approach things with a fresh perspective."

Chief Marketing Officer, Online Retail

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Mentoring testimonials
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