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Giantoo Content Marketing is a virtual content marketing agency? What does that even mean?  I mean aren't all agencies virtual these days?


What we are is a lean content marketing specialist service provider built on a core of thinkers and project managers complimented by a surrounding ecosystem of talented content writers, designers, video producers, digital specialists and so on. 'Ecosystem of talent'? Even if that sounds a little bit poncey be assured that what we have done is find the best talent, engage them using the very best online tools, lowering the costs of doing business and allowing everybody to work where, how and when they like. Simples, as they say.

Arrrrrrgh! Here be Content Marketing
Prefer to be here? Teach me!
Prefer to be here? Teach me
Inspirational keynotes

Looking for something specific? Or just plain lost? Or do you agree that, as Seth Godin  said, "Content marketing is the only marketing left”. If you do then you can find out more here

A well defined, customer-driven brand is the most important asset any company can have. to find out how we build, refine and develop brands go here.

Do you want to just be a better marketer? Do you need specific training or simply professional mentoring. We can help you be that better marketer here.

Organising a marketing event but need an inspiring and motivating speaker to kick it off?   We can help get your attendees on their feet  here.

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